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Dr. David Peterson and Scott Waltenburg Join the ADM Group Leadership Team!

ADM Group is proud to announce the addition of two new principals - former directors Dr. David Peterson and Mr. Scott Waltenburg!

ADM Group's CEO and Co-founder, Ben Barcon, commented, "In our 29-year history, we have never had such a talented group of leaders like Dr. David Peterson and Mr. Scott Waltenburg. Dr. Peterson has an amazing portfolio of Education, Business, Engineering, and Leadership and is joined by Scott Waltenburg, a talented Architectural Designer. Scott gave us the Phoenix Coding Academy, Madison Center for the Arts, Tolleson Performing Arts Center, and many more signature buildings that will be a part of the communities they serve for a very long time. David and Scott will now join Nina Sheriff, Jenifer Weskalnies, Jeff Flemming, and myself usher in the next chapter of ADM Group."

Dr. Peterson brings an owner’s perspective with his extensive education and over 30 years of experience in educational facility management and construction. He assists our team in better understanding the communities we serve while developing solutions that efficiently fulfill their business and operational goals.

With a Bachelor of Architecture and over 30 years of experience, Mr. Waltenburg enjoys the creative problem-solving aspect of architecture — taking an idea and developing it into reality. Scott assists in the overall design direc­tion of our firm’s projects, and with every design he creates and devel­ops, it's always his intent and willingness to fulfill the end user's vision for the project.

Scott and Dr. Peterson have accomplished great things both in and out of the firm and will continue to do so as they step into their new role as part of our leadership team.

Please join us in congratulating Dr. David Peterson and Scott Waltenburg!



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