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SkyBridge Arizona

Mesa SkyBridge

Mesa, Arizona

SkyBridge Arizona provides the Nation’s first air cargo hub housing both Mexican and U.S. Customs and a premier destination for auto parts, food processing, and an e-commerce business center. The 363.5-acre mixed use development not only includes a joint U.S.-Mexico Customs inspections facility to streamline shipments to Mexico and beyond, but also offers over 1.35 million square feet of aeronautical development, 2.19 million square feet of non-aeronautical development, and 270,000 square feet of commercial development. The combination of land uses is key to SkyBridge Arizona’s success and ability to spurs important regional and local economic growth.


ADM Group completed the Master Plan for SkyBridge Arizona, a yearlong collaborative effort between SkyBridge Arizona, AECOM, and ADM Group. We continue to be involved in the next project development which includes planning development and spec building design.

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