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Lakin Prep Academy

Littleton Elementary School District

Avondale, Arizona

The new Lakin Prep Academy, located in the heart of the community, is walkable from every neighborhood in Alamar and offers more than 9.5 miles of paths and trails. These pathways unite at the center entry walkway into the campus which is accentuated with articulated patterns in the sidewalks and colorful desert landscaping. 

About the new school design:

  • A mid-century modern flare, incorporating the same architectural branding which has been developed throughout the Alamar Housing Development.

  • The realigned and curved Broadway Road acted as a driving design force in the development of the architectural forms. A continuous curved screen wall was developed, undulating and overlapping across the entire front of the buildings. This screen wall features punched openings accented with canopies and double steel columns, demonstrating to students and visitors a clear understanding and direction of how to enter the campus and facility. This is further enhanced by ADM Group’s design vocabulary of the campus, creating complex shapes and shadows within a simple architectural design.

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