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Madison Park Middle School

Madison School District

Phoenix, Arizona

The Madison Park Middle School is a campus replacement on an occupied 17 acre site. The campus will house Pre-K through 8th grade and is a STEAM school. A “kaleidoscope” was used as an instrument in science, mathmatics and art which reflects beautiful symmetrical and non-symmetrical forms. With this design concept, the media center, gymnasium and classroom buildings are designed around the existing commons building and a central plaza. This is demonstrated not only in plan but in elevation throughout the entire campus. 


The project consists of 100,000 square feet with a 6,000 square foot Developmental Preschool. Outdoor elements include gardens for learning, playgrounds, softball and baseball fields, a regulation high school football field with a 400 meter 8 lane track.


ADM Group was responsible for the planning, design and construction oversight of this project.

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