SkyBridge Arizona

Mesa SkyBridge

Mesa, Arizona

4,000,000 Square Feet (at build-out)

SkyBridge Arizona will provide the Nation’s first air cargo hub to house both Mexican and U.S. Customs and become a premier destination for auto parts, food processing, and an e-commerce business center. The 363.5-acre mixed use development will not only include a joint U.S.-Mexico Customs inspections facility to streamline shipments to Mexico and beyond, but will also offer 1.35 million square feet of aeronautical development, 2.19 million square feet of non-aeronautical development, and 270,000 square feet of commercial development. The combination of land uses will be key to SkyBridge Arizona’s success and ability to spur important regional and local economic growth.


ADM Group completed the Master Plan for SkyBridge Arizona, a yearlong collaborative effort between SkyBridge Arizona, AECOM, and ADM Group. We are also involved in the next phase of project development which includes spec building design.

Master Plan Development

The first phase of the project development was the creation of a Master Plan. The Master Plan process was a yearlong collaborative effort between SkyBridge Arizona, AECOM, and ADM Group. The Master Plan was critical for the project as it forms the basis for the overall project development, as well as the foundation for the FAA Environmental Assessment (EA) that is required in order to proceed with construction. ADM Group was instrumental in coordinating the various consultants that were needed to provide input into the Plan. The Master Plan provided the Vision for the Project; examined Market Conditions and provided and economic analysis; analyzed the site conditions; developed the overall framework including land-use, parcelization, and phasing; developed Design Guidelines and Standards; addressed the Public Realm Concepts; and developed the Sustainable Infrastructure Design.


The complete Master Plan was approved by the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport Authority in March, 2019, and is now being used as the cornerstone of the FAA EA review in order to obtain the FONSI approval for full project development to occur. As part of this process, ADM Group worked with the City of Mesa staff to introduce the project and begin the Pre-application Process necessary for Plan Review and Approval. ADM Group’s involvement was key in reaching the milestone of Master Plan approval and the ADM Team has the historical and institutional knowledge necessary to lead the next phase of Project Development.

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