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Your Kids, Their Safety: National Construction Safety Week

Classroom Viewing New Gym Construction

Every day, you’re thinking about your child’s safety – at school and everywhere else. It may surprise you to know that ADM Group, Inc., is thinking about it, too – whether school is in session or not.

Design and construction of K-12 schools is the core of our business. During this national Construction Safety Week (May 6 – 10), we’re proud to share the fact that, over the past decade, we’ve successfully completed more than 175 projects on active campuses with 0 incidents or accidents.

Keeping that streak going involves a methodical and meticulous planning process. The minute we start to scope a project, we’re already thinking about how we will minimize disruptions to learning, the timing (some projects are safer if they’re done after-hours or during breaks in the school year), and how we’ll keep kids and construction separate.

For example, we may do a project in phases to ensure school can proceed on a regular schedule. We also use physical barriers like fencing so students can’t accidentally cross into an active work zone. Fences also help maintain physical and visual separation from construction workers.

We may move classrooms into modular units. We always ensure parent and bus drop-off areas are secure and able to operate freely. Before a single shovel of dirt is turned, we know where construction workers will park and where materials will be safely and securely stored. We know how we’ll keep the lights on, maintain water and phone service, and ensure that when the heat is on, the air conditioning is working. If utility service must be interrupted, we work closely with school administration to coordinate those outages so they happen outside of instructional time.

“Even with all that in mind, none of it will work without constant, 360-degree communication,” said ADM Group’s Principal Ben Barcon. “Delaying the learning process is unacceptable. We talk with principals and school district administrators, construction companies and subcontractors, and municipalities – often many times a day – to ensure students and school staff accomplish everything they need to do.”

“Our goal always is to finish on-time and under-budget, and do it in a way that gives no parent a reason to worry. When their kids do well, we share in that sense of achievement!”

Learn more about ADM Group, Inc.’s current projects at: https://www.admgroupinc.com/ontheboards.

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