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25 Years of Partnership and Success

After 25 years in business, 2018 is on track to be ADM Group’s best year yet. ADM’s principals, Ben Barcon and Nina Sheriff, will tell you it’s the result of extraordinary clients, the passionate pursuit of excellence and hard work.

They’ll also tell you it’s a joyous, challenging, fulfilling and sometimes bumpy ride.

ADM Group’s last ‘best year’ was 2007, right before the national economy slid into the Great Recession. Today, ADM Group has exactly the same number of employees as it did then. Of those 25 years in business, this is a point of pride for Ben and Nina: they never had to let anyone go.

How did they do it? The words that comes to mind to describe their approach are, “steady” and “amazing staff.” As Ben put it, “Our philosophy is: when we get overloaded, we just work harder.” Nina added, “When you hire people who are passionate about what they do and are committed to the clients we serve, we believe they should always have a place here at ADM Group. We’re a team of professionals, but we’re also like family.”

Another effective strategy is the triple-habit of building relationships, placing clients first and understanding the longer game. “We’re always looking forward, concentrating on what the market will look like two to three years from now,” said Ben. “Because we treat our clients as valued partners, we’re there for them in hard times and in good times.”

As ADM Group closes this 25th anniversary year, it is with a sense of deep gratitude for the clients and partners they’ve had the opportunity to serve. In the inaugural issue of this quarterly newsletter, ADM is pleased to share some of 2018’s greatest achievements, as well as plans currently in the works that will undoubtedly be highlights of the next 25 years to come.

Thank you for joining us on this fabulous journey!

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